We’ve been recognized by Texas Monthly for our food, and can’t wait to serve you what we believe is the best barbecue in Texas.

Ever feel like a cover girl? We did, when Texas Monthly rated the best barbecue in the state. Although they didn’t put us on the cover, here’s what they had to say about our cooking:

“Patrons who come for ‘cue benefit from this Panhandle restauant’s dual status as a steakhouse. The 1910 building has been beautifully restored, and the amenities include, believe it or not, cloth napkins. Smoked over mesquite, the brisket is tender and moist, the sausage full of flavor, the ham better than most.

Two sauces–the spicy, snappy “original” and a milder “sweet”–allow for custom seasoning. Although the potato salad is a tad timid and mayonnaisey, the beans, cooked with tomato, green chile, onion, and bacon, would be hard to improve upon. The whiskey-sauce-drenched sourdough-bread pudding may make you woozy. Rating: 4″